Residential Church Meadow

Church Meadow Bosham

The demolition of the old dwelling on this site, allowed for the construction of a large traditinal family home with traditional stone dressings and an uber modern interior.

The site originally housed a large but uninspiring bungalow that had morphed over the years into a sprawling behemoth of mixed construction techniques. We demolished it and set about constructing a fine family house. This was another property where we decided that ‘thin joint’ would offer the advantages of speed of construction, for a large and highly detailed build process. The ‘thin joint’ system utilizes a special form of adhesive just 2mm thick.

Blocks are laid in a continuous manner allowing for an uninterupted build schedule to roof plate. The roof can be fitted and internal works started, whilst the masonry work continues outside. Very quickly a weatherproof structure can be formed, which is great if you have complicated or time-consuming detailing which would otherwise hold up progress. On this project, it meant that the delicate stone detailing could be tackled later on, as the site moved towards the latter stages of the build.

The main feature of the property is undoubtedly, the stonework. Supplied by Thorvertons in Devon, the stone bays are ‘thermally broken’ allowing the stonework to feature internally. Fine aluminium windows sit recessed into the stonework to enhance the period feel. The hallway features a full length stairwell window, extending some 5.5 metres, vaulted ceilings to principal rooms and Siberian Larch cladding to the additions.