Residential Quialong Compton

Quialong Compton West Sussex.

A design and build project undertaken on behalf of the client, who had occupied a small flat roofed bungalow on the original site. Halcyon gained planning permission for a 465m2 detached replacement flint house.

Although the original dwelling was fairly modest in scale, we felt that the site could support a much larger house. Working closely with planners we were able to produce a classic design that consisted of traditionally knapped flintwork with brick quoining. because of the traditional materials involved we need to accelerate the build and elected to use Celcon’s ‘thin joint’ system for the first time. consisting of oversized or ‘Jumbo’ blocks that is built using a thin joint of special adhesive only 2mm thick. The main advantages are speed of construction (the inside skin of the building could, theoretically, be built in one operation), it’s strength and a lack of waste, as all off-cuts can be used within the construction. With the inside skin erected, work could progress on the roof and then inside, as the slow painstaking flintwork, progressed outside. In this case it meant that the house was completed, just six weeks after all of the external masonry work was finally finished.