Residential Tidelands

Tidelands Langstone Hants

A timber frame replacement house on a very restricted site. Built to ‘Code 5 for sustainable Homes’ for low running costs. Minimalist glazed balconies providing fantastic views across Langstone harbour.

These days, it can be very difficult, or nay on impossible, to find a ‘virgin’ site for your dream house. But often, even in the recent past, houses were put up that, viewed through today’s eyes, just don’t stand the test of time. Although it may seem a brave step…sometimes, quite literally, you’re better off ripping it down and starting again. The oppurtunity to design your own home, build in the comforts and design features that you want from scratch coupled with zero percent vat on the building work, can make it all too attractive. Before you know where you are the ‘Wrecking Crew’ have arrived on site and taken your old house away in the back of a lorry! Tidelands was one such example. The architects, Helyer Davies, designed a replacement dwelling that made full use of the unique site, by turning the house, literally ‘upside down’. A timber frame was specified, allowing high levels of insulation to reduce running costs. Solar PV Panels on the south facing roof and a MVHR system.

The biggest problem was always going to be access. Sited down a long narrow drive, just 3.0 metres wide, patience and planning were at the forefront of everybody’s mind. A timber frame solution was deemed the best, offering the benefits of off-site fabrication, speed of construction and high levels of insulation.